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``I look forward to the opportunity of serving my friends and neighbors in the Texas House of Representatives.``


Meet John Guerra

Dr. John R. Guerra is a small business owner and a family man. Early on in life John learned the importance of dedication, hard work and commitment. At the young age of fourteen he committed to a path that not many take and enrolled in St. Anthony’s Junior Seminary.

This dedication and commitment to do things differently has been a staple in his life. He graduated from Pan American University (UT Rio Grande Valley) with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry in 1977, and in 1986 he started his Residency in Phoenix, Arizona after graduating as a Doctor of Osteopathy from North Texas State University. In 1990 Dr. Guerra moved back to McAllen to start a practice in his hometown.

For more than 25 years he has advocated for less regulation from government entities, and is convinced District 41 has great potential to create more jobs by supporting small business’ need for decreased regulations. Dr. Guerra believes our border situation requires a Texas solution that is smart on crime and empowers visitors to live the American Dream lawfully. He acknowledges the growing need to fund healthcare and in a fiscally responsible manner. There is no need to impose new taxes on the hardworking citizens of District 41.



Currently Dr. Guerra is a member of American Osteopathic Association, American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association and the Catholic Medical Association. He is the former President and acting Medical Director of McAllen Pregnancy Center, a former Board Member of the Texas Medical Board (2014-2018) and former Vice Chairman of the City of Mission Planning & Zoning Committee.

Dr. Guerra is committed to being YOUR representiative, advocating for more jobs, border security and fiscal responsibility.

I will represent the people and communities of District 41, not party-based agendas.

I offer an independent voice on the issues.

Economy & Jobs

  • Create More Jobs — We have the highest unemployment rate in the state. Almost double the state average.
  • Decrease Regulation — I will strive for conservative, bold, results-driven solutions that keeps the state out of your pocket make business friendlier for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Property Tax Relief — Small business owners need lower tax rates in order to keep their doors open. Too many businesses are failing because of sky-rocketing property tax rates it’s also stifling small business growth.

Illegal Immigration

  • Smart on Crime — Texas DPS has done a great job of assisting the federal government with additional manpower deterring the flow of human and drug smuggling. Technology is needed to capture the information that will help DPS and Border Patrol make better tactical decisions in their operations.
  • Empowering the American Dream — We are the land of opportunity,opportunity is a privilege. And like any privilege, there are responsibilities that come with it. The opportunity that awaits future immigrants is directly linked to their responsibility in following the law to enter the U.S.

Funding Healthcare

  • Affordable Access to Healthcare — Consumers should have access to pricing and quality data, such as health care providers direct pay prices for common procedures.
  • Flexibility on Prescribed Medication — Patient’s healthcare is overall improved by expanding physician’s ability to provide care by having certain prescriptions on hand. This will lead to long term savings for patients that have a choice on where they get their medication.

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